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We were to stay at the Bay Shore Inn on June 10-12 for a family vacation. Our party included myself, my partner Ryan, his brother Mike and sister-in-law Jenny and their child. About a week before, Ryan called to check on some details regarding the room floor plan and prices for the onsite massage therapist. The desk attendant was rude and treated him as an inconvenience. He also asked for an early check in and was told we could check in at 1 pm Friday. On Friday, we arrive about 1:40 pm and the desk clerk says the rooms won't be ready until 3 and claimed to know nothing of an early check in. They were able to get us in by 2:30. On Saturday morning, a steady drip started coming from the fan/light fixture in the bathroom, above the toilet. Ryan called the front office about 9 am, and was told to put a towel under it. Eventually, after much discussion, the clerk finally called in the manager, Joe McMahon. He showed up about 11 am to look at the leak. He said it was probably an overflow from a bathtub, but that if it didn't stop he'd have to call a plumber. We then left for the day. We returned at 5 pm and it was still dripping. All Joe or his staff had done was stack towels around the toilet, which were completely soaked through at this point. Ryan calls the front desk and this clerk knows nothing about the situation at all. We fill her in and get more towels. Ryan asks how we would be compensated for the trouble and she asked when we were planning to check out. He went back and forth with her a few times until the manager, who had said he was "unavailable" for the night, called us. He said we would be comped for Saturday and we would discuss Sunday on Sunday. He claimed there weren't any two bedrooms available. Sunday, Ryan and Jenny go to take care of things, and we are told we can move to a higher priced two bedroom, even though the clerk, Kristi, had said it was "more compensation than we deserved." They debate about the price, and finally Ryan said "What are we paying for tonight?" and Kristi said "Nothing." When we return to the office to get new keys and get a refund, the clerk says we only get one night comped. We point out Joe said Saturday was comped and she said Sunday was comped. She tells us we can't get two nights free. The whole time she acts as if we were causing the trouble and that not wanting to be in a room with a plumbing leak was unreasonable. She calls Joe in, all the while trying to make us feel guilty for calling him in on his day off, to come settle things. When he arrives, he maintains that it is an overflow from a tub, even though it has been dripping for over 24 hours, and that we don't deserve to be compensated for the trouble of moving all of our belongings (including luggage, toiletries, clothing and perishable food) as guests do that all the time. We decided to check out at that point and received a refund for all but Friday night. We hadn't even moved into the new unit and he started to ask how long we'd been in that room, as he was probably going to charge us a day's rate for that as well. Other family members who were staying there told us he didn't bring in a plumber until Monday. On their website, they claim "We strive to make planning your vacation as easy and effective as possible. Please never hesitate to call us with any questions or report any difficulties. Our staff will do everything possible to ensure planning your stay with Bay Shore Inn the first of many great experiences with us." This has proved to be untrue.
Reviewed by Jun 15, 2011

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