Staff in desperate need on Customer service training A review of Galt House Hotel & Suites

When I recently checked in at the Galt House I requested one of the newly renovated rooms but was persuaded by the desk clerk to take one across the street where my conference was scheduled. The room was decorated in a mixture of French Provencial and Early American -13 pieces in one room, I counted - shabby but clean. Sleep was almost impossible - not only because of the street noise and hotel noise generated by a youth group, but the air conditioner was so loud that it woke me every time it cycled. When the air wasn't on, the room became muggy almost immediately. After three nights of virtually no sleep, I was awakened by my 6 a.m. wake-up call. Then disturbed again at 6:09 and 6:15. I was pretty cranky by the time I used the iron on my khaki skirt - only to receive three long streaks of rust down the front of the only thing I had to wear.

I called the desk and was told to talk to a supervisor - seems the supervisor might find it more believable coming from a guest. The supervisor seemed concerned about disciplining the staff for not checking the iron but never addressed my problem. When I went to the lobby I stopped at the desk and gave my name and location to the clerk and requested that a manager come to see me that morning. He smiled and said he would do that - I then asked him to write it down in order to remember it. No one came. When I stopped at the desk as I prepared to leave, I asked the female clerk why no one responded. She said that I did not indicate the nature of the problem, therefore no one was sent. I drove home and decided to give the hotel the benefit of the doubt. I called and asked to speak to the general manager. His secretary returned my call, listened to my story. and said she would call me back. Two weeks have passed and no word - no surprise. Although this hotel is under renovation, no customer can expect service until the management understands the dynamics of customer service.

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