Spend your money wisely A review of Grand Hotel & Spa

I see that most of these reviews are fom those who stayed off-season.If you stay here in-season when prices are at there highest you will find service at it's lowest.Dirty rooms,worst cleaning staff I have ever seen.Rooms not cleaned on some days until 5 pm,even if you request an early cleaning.Most days we vacuumed ourselves and switched out our dirty towels.They never-ever cleaned the shower.The balcony door was broken and the screen was missing,glad my children are grown or would not have been able to keep door open.Had 1 balcony chair for a room that sleeps 4.Asked for chairs 3 times,finally went and got our own.Buffet at restaurant was terrible and employees hovered around to see what would be left for them.There was only one other party in there when we arrived, yet they sat us in front of the only broken window.The waitress spent the entire time sitting at the other party's table,I guess it was her friends, as their bill showed up on my credit card statement.I thought it was a bit funny when she took my credit card a 2nd time ,saying the first time it didn't go through.Indoor pool area always dirty.Told staff there was dirty diaper floating in pool, but 4 hours later there it was.Several pieces of gym equipment broken,if you really feel like working out next to a pool table and a noisy arcade.The bartender was rude and obnoxious and used profanity in every sentence complaining how the tourists are ruining O.C. Like it's my fault at 40 years old he is still slinging beers after riding his bicycle to work.Our view overlooking the outdoor promenade was littered with broken tiles,tar buckets and the like,as if the construction crew walked out last year never to return.Try taking your luggage to your room on carts with flat tires,again brought it to their attention but they never got repaired.O.C. is a beautiful place and there are many ways to spend your hard earned money.Don't waste it here.

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