Spectacular A review of Sandals Emerald Bay

While the airport arrival and transportation in local shabby vans is dreadful, upon arrival at te resort all changes instantaneously. The lobby interiors are gorgeous and thoughtfully designed to evoke the Bahamas with an easy elegance unlike anything else in the islands..it's better than the Four Seasons Nevis. The staff is gracious and charming although young and learning. The rooms are enormous and beautifully detailed with total consideration given to the fact that this is a beach resort; they are the bst rooms we've seen at any beach resort of its kind anywhere and well worth the rate. The restaurant is wonderful to sit in as is the lounge which we enjoyed nightly, but an Italian Menu seemed out-of-place for the Bahamas and the buffet presentations by the staff do not live up to the sophistication of the interior decorating. The spa services were great, but it's a lost opportunity to not have had the spa near the beach, we felt like we could have been back in Beverly Hills. The cabanas and pool grounds are gorgeous, we loved them even more than Maui's Four Seasons. This property is going to gain fast recognition for it's five star service and amenities, and six star design..we admired every inch of the place and it's beautiful interiors although the outside is not as memorable but is still in good taste. We want the inside of our beach home in the hamptons to look like this!!!

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