Spanish Architectural Enchantment A review of The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa

For all you architecture lovers out there, this is an amazing experience. The place was once the only thing standing with the now backdrop of modern Riverside. The building was originally a two-story boarding house built around 1876, but expanded over the years. I always make sure I know the history of a place before staying there and this one is not to be topped. The courtyard is a lovely place to eat in summer with its many fountains and gardens, very romantic. The hotel boasts stained glass windows throughout and whimsical little statuettes that turn and come out on the hour. There are many antiques, some in the rooms and pictures of how the place looked way back when. The best room in my opinion is the suite which is very tastefully decorated, they call it the Presidential Suite and some very famous people have stayed under its eaves. I f you want a fabulous experience rich in history, this place is for you. A gem!

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The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa
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