Spa? Fat Farm! A review of Red Mountain Resort

Finally somewhere to warn those looking for a "adventure" spa experience. St. George is a mormon sprawling town. The so- called spa is located in the middle of a sub-division. The facilities are motel- like with no views of the truely beautiful nature surrounding the "motel". The grounds hum with the sound of air conditioners and the food...! Sorry i am from san francisco and I pride my self with fresh local in season fare...I can not say the food is fresh. Unfortunately I lived on farmed salmon for 4 days...really bad!

So, just so you was a fat farm before it decided to go more upscale but if you know anything about design this place fails completely. No light comes into the rooms. parking lots are everywhere. the outdoor pool is one of those kidney shaped one's you find in a track house. the indoor one is nicer but who wants to be indoors? Now i know why there are no pictures of the grounds and the rooms on the web sight. so you pay $100 to go on a hike...or you get a massage in a air conditioned freezing room...that's great no?

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