Somewhat disappointed A review of Radisson Hotel Corpus Christi Beach

1. When we initially checked in, we were assigned a third floor room which was bayside, BUT it overlooked a projecting roof area of the hotel which very much marred the view of the room. Since our reservation had been in place for several months and we had specifically requested a good view overlooking the bay, we requested re-assignment and were relocated to the seventh floor which made for a much nicer view. HOWEVER, the third floor bayside room views are NOT good!2. Although we fully completed all requested information upon check-in, including our vehicle description for the parking lot, we were initially not given any parking ID tag nor were we even informed that this was necessary. Our only clue to this was when we noticed many OTHER cars in the parking lot showing pink tags on their dashboards and we later questioned the situation, at which time we were then given a tag. We were informed that our car could have been towed without the tag.3. The hotel in general, is more run down than was anticipated (it was advertised to have been renovated a few years ago). The entire hotel, including lobby and hallways, has a somewhat unpleasant and stale odor. The large bay windows around the hotel building are dirty. The third floor lounge area would have a beautiful view of the ocean were it not for the bird dung everywhere. Our room was not particularly clean. Upon first entering the room, a dead roach was found lying on the floor. The bathroom floor had embedded dirt which appeared as dark streaks and spots in the tile. The bedspreads are very dingy making them appear unclean. There is no soap dish or caddy in the bath. The water pressure in the shower was too low (although temperature was fine).4. During the entire duration of our three-night stay, reception on television was poor on at least half the channels including HBO. We notified hotel staff of the problem on the morning of our first full day of stay. A maintenance man was sent up within several minutes of reporting the problem who was quite amiable but unsuccessful in fixing it. He mentioned that poor weather could be the cause; however, the weather changed several times during our stay and the situation remained the same whether sunny or raining. The maintenance man said that the problem would be reported to the cable company, but despite subsequently questioning this matter TWICE with hotel staff, we never did receive an answer as to whether this was done. We left word with the hotel operator regarding this matter, AND on the evening of the second day, we left a voice message on the designated Executive Office phone for a manager (or someone in that capacity) to call us back. As of our departure two days later, we had not heard back from anyone and the TV problem had still not been fixed.5. During this entire holiday weekend, we could never see that the swim-up cabana bar (advertised for this hotel) was ever open or manned by anyone at any time of the day or night.6. Lounge on third floor had an excellent and personable attendant. The atmosphere would have been excellent had it not been for the dirty windows AND exceptionally loud music during the prime of the evening. Music is fine but this volume was not conducive to a relaxing game of pool.7. On one of the days of our stay, our child sustained a minor jellyfish sting on the beach and I checked with the hotel gift shop to see if they might have some vinegar or meat tenderizer substance that they could SELL us. We were advised by the gift shop clerk that we could obtain this from the front desk (as we understand is very routine for many Corpus Christi hotels to offer as a courtesy to their guests). Upon checking with the front desk, however, we were declined this request and advised that hotel management was no longer allowing the dispensing of these products. Although we can understand any concerns (liability or otherwise) the hotel might have regarding this practice, we felt it was somewhat of a discourtesy to customers to not even have this available for purchase in the gift shop (especially in light of this common problem on the beach). Instead, we were turned away and told to go to the nearest 'convenience store.' Thanks a lot, Radisson.We feel that there was a problem at the management level of this hotel, and have to question whether one was ever even around during the entire time of this holiday stay. We will probably stay at another hotel next time.

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