Something gone wrong A review of The Holland Hotel

When we arrived we knew from previous reveiws that we would get what we paid for. The hotel was clean a lot of street traffic (not cars but people doing illegal things). The first front desk person was okay, she just seemed tired, the manager was nice. Unfortunately we had a lot of luggage and there was no elevator. Anyway, the first hour we were there crossing the busy 12th street which is right in front of the Hollad Tunnel my friend and I were crossing 12th street in the cross walk when it was our turn to cross, the first car was speeding thorugh after he went we proceeded to walk and almost to the middle of the cross walk my friend was hit by a car. The drivers there are insane please be very careful because it is plain to see they do not watch out for you. Regarless of that, after we left the emergency room the next day we decided to catch a bus in to NYC for a small while so our entire trip wouldn't be a bust, we called the front desk for some assistance and the clerk was not helpful, she was flat out rude. We had to ask on the streets to figure out how to get into NYC using public transportation.

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