Some problems w/this hotel but nice rooms A review of Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Ventura Harbor

I read such great things aboutt his hotel (it's listed as the #1 hotel in Ventura according to readers) so I booked it for my husban'ds 40th birthday. (It was our one night away from our children, ages 2 and 6 months... so we needed a good night's sleep! )

The hotel is at the end of a long walkway connected to the Four Points Sheraton, I guess it was just made in to a Holiday Inn Xpress, it used to be a time share or something . It's located right at the harbor, over looking the boats.

The HI Express lobby is TINY. There's really nothing there a but a small lobby, then some rooms. No pool, no gym, no breakfast area, nothing. If you want any of that you have to walk over to the Sheraton. There are 3 floors, and this part is very important: I booked a suite because I wanted a nicer room, and the front desk told me when we got there that the only difference between a suite and a regular room is that the suites have a microwave and refrigerator. But the suites are all on the first floor, so unlike the other rooms, they don't have balconies. (I said I'd rather have a room with a balcony then, but the front desk said it was too late to switch.)

Also, if you get a room with an even room number, your room has a great view of the marina and the boats. But if you get an odd number room, the view is of the parking lot, with the freeway in the background. So make sure you request a room with a view.

There were no in-room movies, and if you wanted the free breakfast that you're supposed to get when staying at this chain, you have to walk all the way over to the Sheraton and they give you a "boxed continental breakfast"!

The front desk staff was also very rude. So much so that my husband felt it neccessary to go talk to one of them about it.

The rooms with a view have a great view. We loved looking out over the boats. Except, everyone walking by looks in to your room! Don't walk around in anything you don't want people to see. The windows are huge and you are literally right on the water.

The decor in the rooms is very nice, everything is new, and the rooms are big. We had a nice little kitchen and a sunken living area. There were 2 TVs, too,

The bathrooms were fine, I liked the sitting area (great for putting on makeup) and they did have jacuzzi tubs.

Overall, I just wish there were more to the hotel. It was basically just the rooms that were nice, you didn't get the whole "nice hotel experience". And had the service been better we may not have minded so much. It's nice that you can go to the Sheraton and use their amenities, like their pool and breakfast service, but then, why not stay at the Sheraton? We walked over the the Sheraton and thought it was much nicer than HI, at least in the common areas. We did not see any rooms there though.

And it wasnt' a long walk to the Sheraton, but it wasn't something I was going to do at 8am before having my coffee.

I don't know if eventually this is going to be a full service hotel, but I wouldn't stay there again unless it was.

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