Some people do not belong behind the concierge desk... A review of Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa

The Renaissance Esmeralda is a beautiful resort with EXCELLENT front desk, valet, and bell service. The pool area is great for both couples and families, and the driving range is adequate. I have stayed here on multiple occasions, and the various rooms have always been updated, clean, and elegant. If you want to feel as if you're on a tropical vacation, pay for the upgrade and stay in a pool view room on the higher floors. The room not only overlooks the palm-fringed sandy beach/pool, but also the Santa Rosa mountains. Quite gorgeous! One main complaint- the last time I was there, one particular concergiere person, Beverly-the-Concerierge-Lady, was incredibly rude and even yelled at some of the guests. Even when she was not busy, she acted as if we were bothering her simply for stopping by for a dining brochure. This experience was so terrible that we almost left the hotel. Management needs to ensure that the concierge service (which had received awards in previous years) remains professional and customer-oriented.

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