Some glitches, but a good stay. A review of Radisson Hotel at Cross Keys

My son and I stayed here for two nights this past week on a successful Priceline bid. While the hotel seems to have been renovated, I can't say our stay was without problems. However, I will say that there was no attitude problem with the staff; they were all eager to please and make things 'right'.

I had faxed the hotel a week prior to our stay to inform them that it would be an asthmatic teenage son and I. I therefore requested two beds and a non-smoking room for medical reasons. When we arrived at about 4pm, the clerk first wanted to give a king room. Then my son stepped up to the counter and I pointed out that I needed two beds and mentioned the fax. She said that there weren't any rooms with two beds available but we could have a cot and a queen bed. I said it would be fine as long as it was non-smoking. She immediately used a walkie talkie to tell maintenance to bring the bed up to the room. He was waiting at the door when I got there. I opened the door, peeked in and noticed that there were two beds in a very large room. Upon entering I noticed two things: there already was a cot in the room and there also were items that indicated the room was already occupied. I used the phone to call down and inform the desk; the clerk had me come downstairs. I went downstairs and received keys to another room. Upon entering the elevator again, I commented to one of the employees that I wasn't having a good start to my stay (in a very nice way). Apparently she was one of the managers and offered to buy us breakfast the next day for our trouble. I met my son up on the third floor and we headed down to the room. (It was a long way, but that's okay!). Again, the bed made it before we did! However, I noticed that there was no 'no smoking' indicator on the door and the corridor did have a smoke odor. So I again called downstairs from the room and explained that the room did not appear to be non-smoking. I was again told to come back to the desk. When I got there, a different person than the one I spoke to on the phone helped me. She explained that the entire (third) floor had been made non-smoking (due to so many requests) but all the door signs had not been changed. I had my doubts about that (due to the odor) but went right back to the room.

The hotel is attached to a cute little shopping area. I visited it while my son investigated dinner and relaxed. It turns out that the hotel has a free shuttle down to the Inner Harbor area and also to some local hospitals. We took the shuttle to the Inner Harbor for dinner. The driver indicated that there are some very unsafe areas in Baltimore, particularly on one side of Johns Hopkins Hospital. The Inner Harbor area had quite a few restaurants including a Hard Rock and a Cheesecake Factory. We ate at the Hard Rock; no problem getting in on a Thursday night without reservation (no wait). It was the typical Hard Rock food and noise. Took the hotel shuttle back (in to the Inner Harbor at 6:30 p.m. and return at 10:00 p.m., no choice in times). It is about a 20 minute drive depending on the traffic. The shuttle is a great convenience!

That night my son just could not get comfortable on that roll a way cot (looked like a twin bed) and said that springs were sticking in his back. We also could smell smoke in the corridor and through the ventilation (air conditioning). Also, our room was right next to the delivery alley in which a truck sat with his back up 'beepers' on for long enough to serve as a very early alarm clock. Neither of us got much sleep that night. So the next morning after breakfast I approached the front desk and relayed our adventure in their hotel thus far and said we really needed two real beds as the cot just doesn't do it for a 17 year old like it would for a 5 year old. They were quite nice about it. She even said that another person had called about the noise of the truck. I also said that we needed to get to the college and couldn't sit and wait for a room to open up. They were quite gracious and said that if we packed everything up they would move it to a new room while we were out. I crossed my fingers and off we went!

Upon our return I checked at the desk to find that we were now back up on the fourth floor. Before leaving the desk I confirmed that it was non-smoking. We held our breath as I opened the door to a very beautiful, spacious room with two queen beds. The view was horrid but we didn't care one bit.

All the rooms we saw had the same bathroom with a separate vanity area outside it. It's a marble counter (or marble-like) which is dark like granite. It had a coffee make and coffee (no tea). It was clean. All the rooms were clean. The first room was on the fourth floor in the corner and was very large with some special features added. The second room (one queen) was the smallest room but decorated the same. The third room was quite large with a cathedral ceiling and a very nice living room chair and ottoman with a reading light just behind it. The tv is interactive (movies, check out, rent cds ($$$)) and also got HBO and quite a few other stations. There is internet access in the room (with your own computer) for a fee.

The next morning I called up the bill and noticed that it was not correct. I called to the front desk and straightened it out.

Parking was abundant and free. They were renovating the elevators during our stay. This made for only one elevator but we never had an very long wait for it.

All in all, even though we had quite a few glitches in our stay, I did not leave as an unhappy customer. I didn't feel that the problems were due to being a Priceline guest. I felt that everyone sincerely wanted to help me and the attitude was gracious at all times.

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