Solid, but a little too old-school A review of Four Seasons Hotel Houston

Two quick preliminaries: (1) I love this website. I find that the user reviews on this website generally tend to be more accurate than any other third-party source. I encourage everyone to return the favor by posting a review whenever possible. (2) To provide context for the review, I am a professional in my early 30s.

Positives: Being the Four Seasons, this hotel is solid in many respects. My suite was nice and spacious and I liked the Health Club and Day Spa, on the fourth floor of the hotel, which I felt was a step up from the usual broom closet that most hotels call their fitness center.

Negatives: The decor was too dated (i.e., too many floral patterns) and the dining options were very limited, particularly since the food at the only restaurant in the hotel (Quattro) does not deserve to be at the Four Seasons. That being said, I feel the reviews are a bit too glowing. In New York City, many restaurants get overly favorable reviews from their patrons due to something I call the "Zagat" effect (the restaurant attracts a certain crowd and gets distorted reviews based on that particular crowd's likes and dislikes). I suspect that this Four Seasons hotel also suffers from the same syndrome.

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