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I just returned from new years eve stay with my family( 4 kids).We

stayed 3 nights. I knew we were spending a ton ( $2000 + taxes) but we

decided to go anyway because several other families we are friends with

were going. We also thought the childrens day camp and food would be

terrific. Such was not the case! I knew right at the check in that this

place was not well managed. There were only 2 employees at check in and

the line that I was on didn't move for 30 minutes because of a dispute.

( This on one of their busiest weeks.) Our single room in the Tower

section was decent, and had 2 full bathrooms. ( There are no 2 room

suites to give parents privacy. An extra room would have been $ 400

more a night.) The swimming pool was always too cool to be enjoyable.

The food wasn't delicious. The only good meal was the Friday night

Shabbot dinner. The other two days I felt like I was only eating for

survival. I stayed at the Raleigh a few years ago, and their food was

fabulous.( However, that place isn't perfect either in other areas.)

Our waiter had too many assigned tables to cater to our needs properly-

we were always looking for him and some meals we waited 30 minutes just

to place the order. I will try to find the right words regarding the

day camp. It is lousy. If any parents reading this are looking forward

to some peaceful, free time while their kids are well attended to ,

this is not the place to come! The children eat before the parents in

their own dining room( which was always freezing - no heat whatsoever-

we learned after the first meal to bring a coat. A complaint did

nothing). The counselors are supposed to assist the dining process by

serving the kids, etc. Some tables had 3 counselors sitting together

chatting, while other tables had no counselors, just kids calling out

for spaghetti, etc. I served more kids who were strangers to me than

the counselors. I couldn't stand seeing kids not being given proper

attention. Parent are allowed to help out their children, but it's not

a requirement. Many parents mistakenly decided to feel confident in the

counselors to feed them what they wanted and didn't come to the

children's room at all. Once I was late arriving and there were my 2

little boys with no drinks or food yet. It's also not difficult for

kids to walk out alone from the room without counselors.The directors

of the camp are very odd; I don't know how else to describe them. After

meals there are various activities for different ages. Several times I

personally had to stop smaller kids from leaving with bigger kids to go

to activities that they weren't supposed to because the camp staff

wasn't keeping a watchful eye. In 4 days my kids were never greeted. (I

was only bringing them for meals the last 2 days, after realizing I

couldn't comfortably leave them with this disorganization and lack of

attention.) On to the entertainment. It was good. Comedians(which I

needed after a full day here) and the Drifters. Babysitters were good.

($8.00/hr, 3 hr minimum.)However, except for new years eve, the shows

ended too early- 11pm. About the activities- almost everything costs

extra- yes, beyond the $2000! Tennis, raquetball costs $15 an hour,

pool tables cost $1.00, Tube sledding costs $5.00, Skiing costs $7.00

for lift tickets and $21 for ski rentals. I will say the Tube sledding

was tremendous fun( artificial snow) , and the skiing is great for

beginners as the 2 hills are small. Bingo was fun, especially since our

family won several times(which was good because my cash was dwindling!)

I wouldn't stay here again.

I left out some additional comments ( my review titled so-so ) that I

wanted to share. My two teenagers were supposed to be seated at

separate teen tables in the main dining room. We were asked about this

during the phone registration, therefore the hotel should have a record

of the amount of seats needed in the teen section. However, when we

arrived at the dining room and found the teen section, there were no

more seats. We were also with friends who had teens, also without

seats! Anyone that has teenagers knows they like to hang out together.

When we told the wait staff of this problem, their response was simply

that there were no more seats. They made no attempt to get the manager

and acted like we could have stood in the aisle for an hour and it

wouldn't effect them! Naturally I wandered around and finally found a

"manager" who told me to have the teens sit at one of the adult tables.

Poor management. To top it off, the menu for our entire stay of 3

nights was not teen friendly. Not once were there chicken fingers,

burgers , grilled chicken sandwiches, or even hot dogs. Try getting

your teenager to eat boiled beef flanken, canned fruit salad with

cottage cheese, or veal dishes. Even the tuna is lousy! After 2 days of

trying to get the kids to try new foods, they stumbled upon the

separately owned coffee shop. In case you are kosher, I need to let you

know that this is not kosher ( for some reason) It is not included with

the $ 2000 we paid for the 3 nights for our family of 6, but the food

sure was good. Excellent grilled chicken sandwiches and burgers,

according to my kids. It was ridiculous to pay extra money but it's

hard to see your kids hungry or not satisfied with what they ate. I

will say the Friday shabbot dinner was the only meal that was decent.

The resort could be a lot better with improved management. Also, the

indoor pool closes every day 6pm. That's too early. The teens like to

swim at night when they can't go outside. Between the food and the day

camp problems I mentioned in my other review, I wouldn't recommend

staying here unless the place improves and you get a personal


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