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I stayed at the Westin Columbus on 2 separate nights over the holidays. The first night was on my way out west and I chose the hotel because of their pet policy. I booked the first night a week ahead of time and received a king room for $99. I decided to wait on booking the second night as I was unsure exactly which day I would be returning. The exit off I-70 for the hotel was closed and I had to call to be guided in - which a staff member did with aplomb. The valets got my pup and me all unloaded, informed me about a park half a block away for the pup, took the car and we proceeded to checkin. Yes, the parking is $20, but it was late and being from Boston, where over night parking can run $50 or more, I didn't complain. The room was quite small and it was apparent that this particular room had not been cleaned well at all. There were several tell-tale signs of the previous occupant: left over soap in the shower, hair in the tub and an unscrubbed toilet. However it was 11:00pm and I had been driving for 14 hours and was exhausted. I ordered a salad from room service and it arrived promptly altho it was light on the greens and heavy on the bacon. I went to bed to be awakened by what I believe were flea bites. My dog is treated for this, but I am not! My bill was under the door and I proceeded on my trip.

For my return trip I called the day before and a standard room was now $150. I mentioned that my previous rate was $99 to no avail. Its hard to find hotels in the midwest that accept pets and I was without an internet connection to search for another. I arrived at 9:30pm and again was assisted by very gracious valets. This room, while on the same floor was 'much' bigger, flea-free and very clean. Ordered a burger from room service and again it arrived promptly. The bed in this room however, needed its mattress flipped - high use on the one side had made it lopsided. The next morning, there was no bill under the door for express checkout and I had misplaced my valet receipt but the valet remembered me and my dog and returned the car right away.

While I wouldn't call this a 4-star hotel - it needs refurbishment, pet rooms need to be exterminated on a regular basis and a good top-to-bottom cleaning would certainly help - the staff are quite helpful and very polite.

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