So-so Captain Cook A review of The Hotel Captain Cook

For one of the best hotels in Anchorage - I wasn't particularly impressed.

We stayed here two nights (not consecutively). Both nights, we stayed in the hotel's Junior Suites. The first night we were "upgraded" the Captain's Deck level, where we could enjoy complimentary non-alcoholic beverages upstairs and some snacks, as well as a continental breakfast. Nice perks. However, the room was the same size (maybe smaller) than you'd expect from a Junior Suite.

On the second night, we stayed in another Junior Suite, but this time it had an enormous sitting room and bar. THIS was a real suite. However, it did NOT have access to the Captain's Desk upstairs. I was disappointed - and confused about how they could call both room junior suites.

Some things to note:

- Confirm your reservation. We did two days before and they still managed to make us wait 40 minutes at check-in as they tried to figure out how they bungled our reservation.

- The sheets at the Captain Cook are of worse quality than I am used to. Very rough and feel cheap.

- Ask for a bay view - as they other view will have you staring into the rooms of other hotel rooms.

- The bathrooms are tiny - and seem tired and a bit dirty.

There is not a ton to do in downtown Anchorage anyway, so I would recommend checking out the Comfort Inn a mile away. It's probably a lot less expensive and has the standard Comfort Inn quality (not luxury by far - but at least consistent)

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