Smoky and Just Average A review of MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa

Well, I have read tons of reviews of different places in different vacation spots on this website, and I know you can find some that read great and some that read awful. I supose it does depend on the traveler sometimes. I'm glad I can now write my own review - I've been looking forward to this!My partner and I went and stayed at Caesar's from Sunday Aug. 17 to Friday Aug. 22. I'm going to tell you now that I'm a very picky traveler, so if you aren't, you probably will think Caesar's is a nice place to stay. If you are picky like me, keep reading.We booked a king, non-smoking room on their website which included a two night special deal. The average room cost per night was about $140 - and this was during the week! When we got there (take the round trip special shuttle for $34 from the airport - you don't need a rental car - there is a trolley that you can ride all day for $3 that will take you anywhere you need to go) the woman at the check-in desk was very rude and not friendly at all. She told us that our room wasn't ready and that technically the room wasn't guaranteed to be ready until 5pm and it was 3pm when we arrived. She was nothing but defensive. We asked if there was another room available and she found us one. Trying to find the elevators was another disturbing event. Caesar's is very confusing at first. If you stay for as long as we did, you get your head around the maze. So we got to our room - and it was very plain and boring and small. Not what I expected at all for the "status" of the hotel! It was probably because we had the "special deal". I think $140 a night is expensive! Anyway, it looked very dated and there was simply nothing special about it at all. Worst of all, it was a smoking room. So we called the desk and asked for something else. The woman said she had a non-smoking room but it only had 2 queen beds. We said fine (because there was no other option but to stay in the current room) and they said a guy would come up with the new key cards. Well we waited for about 15 minutes and no guy. We called back down and were patched through a number of workers and then the guy arrived. We went to our new room on the tenth floor (1021) and the room was WAY better. Even though the bed wasn't a king, this room had a wonderful view of the lake, had nicer furniture and decoration, and a superior bathroom and a jacuzzi in the room. It was a non-smoking room, but it still smelled like smoke. You really can't get away from it. Caesar's is like one big cigarette and cigar, constantly burning. Oddly enough, when we turned on the bathroom fan, the room began smelling like smoke even more. So we kept that off.The first day we were there, the bathroom toilet kept running so we had to get someone to come up and fix it. Twice, he left and came back. It wasn't that big of deal, but you think they could check the rooms often to make sure there aren't any issues. He even said to us that the toilet parts were "way old and antique-y". Great.The bed wasn't very comfortable to sleep in at all, and the cover weighed about fifty tons. Other weird things consisted of no coffee maker in the room (almost every little junky motel includes a coffee maker) and there was no hairdryer, and the towels they supplied were few. I expected those big, fluffy towels - ones you want to take home with you - for a place like Caesar's. But they were like the ones at Motel 6. Very disappointing. Also, they had two bottles of bottled water for you in the bathroom that said something close to "for your enjoyment" but then said they would charge you $4.00 for them if you drank them. Are you kidding me? So i drank tap water the whole time. And not much of it. In addition, every time someone else around us used their shower, there was a loud squealing that came from our bathroom - it woke me up a few times. Also, the shower head is about at 5 feet - and i'm 6'3" - so if you're tall, you're gonna hate it. They have a cable modem line you can use in your hotel room to access the internet, but it's $10 a day.Overall, the biggest impression on me was that most of the employees of the hotel were rude and unhelpful. We got to the activities desk the first day and the guy didn't know anything. All the other times we went there, it was as if the employees were doing us a favor! And a lot of the employees seemed like young kids. The only really nice folks were in the Italian restaurant they had. 'Which had good food too. My partner had to mail something overnight and the hotel didn't offer anything like that. We had to take the trolley to the post office one day. What huge hotel doesn't offer mail services? The folks at the front desk just were not friendly at all. It's like they need a training weekend on how to greet and service guests. Most casino employees were pretty lifeless.We scheduled a wake-up call for the last morning at 7am. We got a call from the desk at 6:55am asking if we were another room. Very strange - what if we hadn't asked for a wake-up call at 7am that morning?The good things about the hotel? We had the breakfast buffet for $10 every morning (and some comped from the special deal we got) and it was pretty good with a lot of variety. There's a subway in the hotel, so if you were hungry that was handy. The casino was very active all the time, if that is your thing. They had some cool live music at night. Drinks were watered down...oops, that's not positive. We could walk to the other hotel/casinos, so it's a good location. Went swimming in their lagoon type pool and jacuzzi, which was nice. There is a cool waterfall. Not too crowded with kids. There is a small gym and spa, with steam room, cool dip, lockers, hot tub, and showers. It's $15 a day to use it all. Not too bad. We had a massage from a masseuse named "Caesar" - ironically - and it was just average. Nothing special. And weird - the towels in the spa were super nice! How come they don't provide those same towels for your rooms, which cost a fortune compared to the spa price, I don't understand. There is a tennis court to play on that's free, and they even had rackets we could use. The maid service was good - our room was always neat and clean. And we checked out using our tv - pretty fast and painless. (We didn't want to go back to the front desk!)Cool things we did - went horsebackriding at Zephyr Cove, was fun, but wear pants! You pretty much just go through some woods. You might want to try another company. Went parasailing at Zephyr, that was a blast! I highly recommend it. It's effortless and breathtaking. Went on the Caesar's cruise, was only $35 a person, which included lunch and drinks. That was probably the best thing we did. It was just right - not too many people, not a huge boat. Dan and the crew (3 guys total) were great. Definitely do this!!!! We also rode jetskis in the lake at Zephyr cove - that was awesome too.Well I have written way too much, but when someone tells me a story, I like to hear all of it, with the tiniest details, and that's how I am, so I hope this helps you. If you are a picky traveler, I wouldn't recommend Caesar's unless none of this bothers you. I just thought that for the money we spent, and their name value, that the hotel would be wonderful. And it wasn't. It was average, I guess. Lake Tahoe is wonderful, though. I definitely recommend going there. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

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