Smoke and mirrors A review of The Saratoga Hilton

I was all excited when I got a $160 booking on Priceline because rooms are normally $300-400 during racing season. When you get up to the place it wows you with an impressive lobby and the BMW's parked out in the valet area give it a feel of great hotel............Thats where it ends. The place may be one of the dirtiest hotels I ever stayed in (and Ive stayed in some midtown Manhattan bargain spots on more than a few occasions).

Broken glass and gicarette butts in the lot/dirty glasses/dirty tile in bathroom/wallpaper peeling off the hallway walls/hallway carpets stained and unvacumed/ plaster peeling off ceilings/ paint chipping off the edge of the pool into the water next to a just disgustingly dirty deck area. The staff seemed actually put off by the fact that the key to my room didnt it was my fault. Its a shame because it has the potential to be a 5 star spot....nice location...right in downtown and close to the track. I read a review from a guy in 2004 who said something about renovations going on...........They must be pretty slow moving and the workers must be invisible because we didnt see ANY work going on. They should be ashamed of themselves with the prices they charge......ASHAMED>

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