Smaller than usual, noisy, not your typical Residence experience A review of Residence Inn Sandestin at Grand Boulevard

We've had a lot of experience with staying at Marriott branded hotels like Residence Inns and Courtyards. As a matter of fact, my husband and I often seek them out for business or vacation travel because they seem to offer clean, comfortble, dependable quality stays.

I had read other good reviews about this hotel and never questioned that we wouldn't have another typical comfortable Residence experience.

Let me start by saying that I had some doubts when we pulled up and saw a basketball/volleyball court so close to the rooms. Of course it went through my mind that there could be some noise coming from those courts to disturb us in the evenings. But I had read in the other reviews to avoid the highway side of the building and I definitely didn't want a room on on that side. Then I thought that the pools and court area should close by 10 PM and would not be a problem. Wrong. On our first night there we had to call the front desk at 11PM about the noise coming from a large group of kids playing ball. And still the noise problem was not resolved until around midnight.

The next morning, before dawn, a garbage truck pulled up right across the parking lot from our room. The noise of the truck emptying the hotel dumpster was enough to make you think they were taking a wrecking ball to the building. That was a nice wake up call when you were kept awake until midnight. Now, I know that garbage collection is probably out of the hotel's control, but it is still a problem for guests anyway. And, for a change, we were on vacation and didn't want to wake at the crack of dawn like we do everyday at home. Come on... give us a break here.

Let me also tell you that the room we had was pretty small for a Residence Inn. We had a 2 bedroom suite and the beds practically take up the entire bedrooms. There's no place really to set your luggage and unpack and not much space to put your close and belongings.

I have some other complaints about this hotel, but these were the biggies.

There were a few positives about it: you get to enjoy the nice resort amenties, they have a hot breakfast that is of fair quality, it's in a fairly convenient location for shopping, dining out, and going to the beach.

We talked to the manager and let him know of the problems and he was very fair about it and was very apologetic.

I think this hotel is trying to provide a typical quality Residence Inn experience, but they are missing the mark. I can't recommend it.

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