Sleazy!!!!! A review of Adventurer Allsuite Hotel

I had the same experience as the previous reviewer. I was sooo excited to go to LA and after checking out the Adventurer at their website I thought I had found the perfect hotel for the perfect vacation. It looked so beautiful in the pictures and all the amenities seemed to make it an outstanding place to stay. The lobby was quite nice (as pictured in the website). The pool area was fairly nice too (the pool was open). The small restaurant/lounge was really quite beautiful (I took half a roll of film just of that). My room was not very nice nor were the rooms I peeked into (although they are good sized). But the big problem wasn't the upkeep of the hotel. It was the way the hotel was run. They cater to a group of backpackers, much like a youth hostel. Some of the employees were themselves backpackers paying for their bunks by working. The lack of professionalism was everywhere. If you are a kid looking for a party without supervision this might be a great place to stay (although I wouldn't want my kids staying there). There were fights the night I was there also. Drunks were screaming outside my room while looking for a good place to throw up. On top of that, the neighborhood is also dangerous. So that wraps it up. You don't feel comfortable in the hotel with the drunken, immature kids and dirty old men that seem to dominate the landscape within the hotel gates and you don't feel comfortable going outside the gates. If there is a word to sum it all up, it has to be SLEAZY!!!

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