Skip this one... A review of JW Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa

This is a very attractive resort, but it's got some serious downsides.

As others have mentioned it's far from everything and it's not in a nice area. The resort and the adjacent timeshare properties, marina, and golf course is nicely landscaped, but the surrounding area is barren and/or industrial.

The front desk experience was a big negative. We were the only one's checking in and there were two people on duty. They were far from welcoming or hospitable; and it took an unduely *long* time to get checked in.

When we finally got to our room, the phone rang 3 times in a row. We were hot and sticky and trying to change and bathe, so this was irritating. The first two times, when I stopped undressing and went over to answer the phone, no one was there. The third time, the front desk advised that we must come back to the lobby to show them our AAA membership card (we booked with a AAA discount). They would not accept our membership number over the phone. My husband had to re-dress and go back down to the lobby to show them our card.

They also messed up the billing, charging part of the charges to my friend's credit card and part of them to mine. When I checked in, I told them to put the charges on my card. Weeks later, I had to call the hotel to get this problem fixed. Though they readily agreed to reverse the portion of charges to my friend's card and put them on mine, no apology or regrets for the inconvenience were offerred. I have not seen the new billing to my card yet, so God only knows what they'll mess up this time.

There are a couple of nice restaurants in the hotel, but I guess there is not enough business to keep them staffed. Some are only open a couple of nights a week (remember, it's a good 20 to 40 minutes any restaurants off the premises).

The room was spacious and attractive. The view was not good, but then I did not pay the top rate for a view room. The bathroom was over-the-top palatial; but the soaking tub had grit in the bottom and the shower head didn't work. We checked out after one night.

For that kind of money, you can do way, way better than this on Oahu.

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