Simply the Best A review of Luna Beach Resort

This resort is simply the best I've ever seen on Roatan. Compared to any of the others, it's no contest!! The rooms are big, clean and superbly-appointed. It's far nicer than I ever imagined! (and I have a -great- imagination - ask my husband!)

When I was researching it, I found their website to be extremely helpful and informative. Debbie was really on the ball with information when I wrote to them. Google them up, they're easy to find. The DiveMaster's blog really gives you a feel for the place - and there's a -ton- of pictures in their gallery and on their Flickr page (linked off the blog)

By the time I got there, I felt like I'd had a complete and -very- intimate tour of the Resort and met all the staff! No one else goes to this much trouble to show their resort on Roatan. No one!

Their Guestbook was what finally convinced me.

People were OBVIOUSLY thrilled with the place.

I can't wait to go back!!

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Luna Beach Resort
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