Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!!! A review of Quality Inn at Lake Powell

If you love to be pampered and respected, you will want to visit the Quality Inn Page!! The hotel itself is beautiful. The staff makes it phenomenal!!

NO matter what you need, they are there for you!!

The daily breakfast is so unbelievable, you will be in awe of what it entails!! The brochure says a continetal breakfast, I left each day stuffed!! It wasn't mini doughnuts and coffee!!!

To top it off, each day we left for sightseeing, they took the time to say good-bye and let us know that they would be there when we returned!! It was like leaving your very own home with someone you love watching it!! Nothing was moved, touched, or put out of place where we had left it!!

When we returned at the end of the night the staff made sure to say hello to each of us!!

They took the time to remember out last name and refer to us as Mr. and Mrs. Weinberg every morning and every evening we exited and entered the hotel!

Needless to say it was one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had as a family while we were travelingl!!! Go to the Quality Inn, Page. You will LOVE it!

The pool is beautiful, clean and well kept!

The rooms are cleaned corner to corner daily!!

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Quality Inn at Lake Powell
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