Should you stay at a Local or Chain Hotel? A review of The Hotel Captain Cook

We just returned from Anchorage, AK to complete our 50th and final state in the US. It has been a wonderful journey, and we have alot of experience in hotels and service from our travels.

So what does this mean for the Captain Cook?

It was an average hotel with old decor claiming to be "Historical" in the Alaskan sense.

We stayed at the Captain Cook because we were looking for a local hotel, and/or Alaskan experience. After having visited the Cook, I would recommend staying at the Marriott, or common chain if you have a rental car. If you do not have a rental car, the Cook is within walking distance of downtown, salmon viewing, and the public market. Another choice is the Dimond Hotel which is outside of the city seems like a good bet (has a free airport shuttle) ... but it is in a crowded shopping mall district. If you have a rental car ... visiting the city is an easy task from the Dimond Area. FYI ... Parking meters are free on weekends.

On a service note ... the front desk lost our reservation (thats why I always bring a printed copy of the confirmation) and the staff was not friendly, and argued amongst themselves often. Bad energy within the crew. The doorman was excellent, and acted as our concierge and catchall.

But ... Long story, short ... sometimes the chains are the way to go ...

As side advice ... we traveled to and stayed at the Alyeska Hotel ... which was a great choice, we viewed the Portage Glacier ... A+ experience. I will post a review on both ...

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