Shocking-Hurricane Arrest A review of Renaissance Tampa Hotel International Plaza

My immediate family our close friends had the distinct pleasure of staying at the Renaissance International Plaza on Saturday, September 4, 2004 for two (2) nights (9 in total-3 rooms). We had been looking forward to this stay since it was originally booked in June 2004 (prior to grand opening). Although we learned of the impending storms accompanying Hurricane Frances days before our check-in, we decided to move forward with our original plans.

The day of checkout the winds were roaring, as storm left via Tampa, I was, however astonished when the day we were originally due to check out (MO Sept. 6, 2004), I called the front desk to ask for an extended check-out, beyond the customary 12 pm, to 1-2 pm (until winds subsided). I was then informed that the hotel was not granting extensions but "half-day" rates. Upon questioning this further, I was transferred to "Jeff" who explained the "half-day" rate was 50% off of a day's rate and extended checkout until 3 or 4pm. Shocking-By then I was very confused since I had previously extended our-check out to Tuesday, September 7, in the event that the storm prohibited us from leaving. Therefore, our room was blocked until Tuesday, should we need it, so no guest was arriving to occupy it. It was then that I made the determination that this "half-day rate hassle" was reason enough for us to checkout, so we left the premises ASAP.

As a Marriott Rewards member, I expect a little higher level of service, particularly when I am away from home under the stresses of tropical force winds. Hospitality should have been extended to the guest of the hotel, not "half-day"

rates. I wrote the GM a letter, and I have NOT heard back... Nontheless, as it is convenient to shopping, I will add that we have made plans to visit the hotel again in NOV, and hope that this shoppin visit will be pleasurable.

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