Shhh! Don't tell anyone! A review of Emerald Palms by the Sea

During our island-hopping honeymoon to the Bahamas (I am a pilot and we flew our own aircraft) my wife and I had the pleasure of staying at the Emerald Palms. Not knowing what to expect I only made arrangements for two-nights. We enjoyed it so much we wound up not continuing on to our next stop, and staying at the Emerald Palms for 3 additional nights!

Although the staff at the Emerald Palms are not as highly trained as you may find at some of the big time Nassau resorts, they are simply the friendliest you are going to find in the Bahamas. Period.

The rooms are very well appointed and we had the pleasure of staying on one of the beachfront rooms. The beachfront rooms are only 20 feet from the water! In fact, these rooms are so close to the water that the sea-spray must be cleaned off the windows each morning! The rooms came with TV and VCR, and Phone. If you request they will remove these items if you want a true escapist feel.

They also have individual cottages (which we did not stay in, but took a look at) that are gorgeous inside and are great for folks with a bigger budget.

The food is tradtional Bahamain, but it is good if you like the local flavors. However, since we visited in the low season, we had to give them our order a few hours before dinner so that they could go out and buy the food before they prepared it. On thanksgiving, they made us a traditional thanksgiving meal (turkey, ham, etc.) and it was great. I am sure that if they had a full hotel, they would be able to provide a larger menu, and more exotic dishes.

Beware wine snobs! The wine selection at the Emerald Palm was inadequate. But since I am a beer drinker, I was happy to have an endless supply of Kalik's with Limes to help wash away the day.

There is a limited amount of activites on-site. However, they were able to arrange for bonefishing, scuba, and car rentals from the various local vendors. By The Way - The scuba on South Andros is simply the best I have ever done anywhere. Have them arrange your scuba with Kenya who is the dive instructor over at Tiamo. He is a wonderful guide.

Private Pilots - make sure you inquire about the private pilot discount. It will make this hideaway even more attractive to your budget.

If you want to escape and go someplace new, this is it. But Shh!, please don't tell anybody!

Dave C - Chicago, Illinois

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