Shabby A review of Palma Rima Hotel

We got this as last minute holiday through a holiday shop and to a certain degree you do take pot luck but this hotel was terrible.

It turned out we were travelling with Cosmos and I can't understand why they still have it in their brochure. Somehow it has been allocated three stars.

The first room we were shown in the main building was like entering a prison block and the room itself was dank, dark and tatty. The furniture was falling apart, the bathroom smelt of smoke & mould and the view was non descript.

We quickly complained and were shown to a bungalow style accomodation which was hardly any better (and incurred an upgrade fee!!). Nicer garden surroundings but still tatty furniture and a revolting bathroom.

Can't really say anything good about the hotel. As others have mentioned the pool is a good size. The pathway to the beach was closed and had been for over 3 weeks plus, awaiting maintenance. Maintenance is a word unfamiliar to this hotel. Shabby is the only word to describe it.

What makes the whole situation ludicrous is the number of staff the hotel has. They are crawling everywhere but you still struggle to get a drink and they certainly don't do any repair work.

Outside the hotel is a rat run of hustlers and petty crooks, the beach seemed nice although as we demanded to be moved to a new hotel we didn't spend much time there.

I would not want to stay at this hotel even if someone paid me - avoid it at all costs!

(For your information we transferred to the Atlantic Hotel in Banjul for which I will write a positive review!!)

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Palma Rima Hotel
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