Service Was Fair But I Don't Care A review of Spruce Point Inn Resort and Spa

Yes it's true. The prior year service was fair. Something to do with visa restrictions post-9/11 affecting seasonal help. The Inn staff also have trouble with email. Email is some kind of newfangled gadget that speaks of the Devil. So they don't reply and you have to use a "phone". And yet, I don't care. My kids love this place. Something about the landscaping with lots of tall trees hiding secluded pockets to hang out in with just your peeps. The Inn is also built on a slope so several areas of the Inn have a view of the harbor and the rolling knolls yonder including the really nice saltwater pool. Unheated, bring someone warm. Just off this pool which is on a rocky platform is a quiet dock where you can walk down and dip your feet in til they're numb while you look at ships meandering around the mouth of the harbor. You don't get the killer waves and tumult like you do at Ocean Point, but maybe you don't want that. The sun hits the west side of Inn and the water on the harbor in the early afternoon and bakes everything a toasty golden color. The water laps at the dock at a carefree pace, the whole place glitters. The luxury suites have fireplaces which come in handy in, gulp, late June or early July. Ayuh. We stayed in an "ocean house" last year and the place was just too huge and scary for one family. The junior suites are just right for four people. They have REALLY nice bathrooms. There is a second pool further back on the property that is heated and tends to be used more by children. It's fenced off and not too noisy. They have an ultramodern exercise place next to this second pool which is new last year. My wife thought it was keen. We haven't tried the spa yet, but I'm not sure I want a stranger massaging my toes. I haven't experienced difficulty with the restaurants but I'm sure the larger weddings can cause that. I can't see all the restaurants shutting down, though -- there's like three of them. The restaurants on-site are expensive but up to snuff; the wait help is very professional. There's always Red's Eats (Wiscassett) if you want less formal summer lobster/shrimp cuisine. We've never been in the Rec room. Don't have time for shuffleboard. Gotta go to the aquarium and pet the sharks. The Inn is not far from downtown, but it's not an undemanding walk when it's hot. The road midways is dusty. The Inn has a shuttle that runs about twice a day. Stay at an intown place if you want bluster and quick access without hassles of parking or that worry about missing the shuttle. The Inn is almost at the very end of a peninsula, and when you go past the stone gates, you have in some ways entered another world. At night, you are in a nautical feature film. The fog can roll in and all you hear is the slow tide, the distant horn, ship's bells(?), and your kid saying, "Dad, I wanna go to Sherman's". Welcome to your vacation, weary traveler.

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