Service Oriented and Comfortable Setting A review of The Hotel Captain Cook

Just returned from a six night stay at the end of March, early April. Stayed on the seventh floor in the middle tower, great view, although any tall building in Anchorage will offer a great view since the city is surrounded by natual beauty, especially after a good snowfall like we got.

We stayed in their basic room with one king bed, it was comparable in size to a decent three star. The room was very comfortable, especially the pillows, and the furnishings were nice and didn't feel cheap or modular like some chains tend to, but rather warm and homey, not overly lavish, except for the comforter wich did feel very chain like, probably made with 100% polyester. It had a nice armoir that contained a large TV, a few drawers, and a small refrigerator. The room also had a large desk type table, a small bedside table, a corner table, a small sofa type chair, and a couple of nice accent chairs. It also had a nice size closet with lots of hangers, and contained an iron and ironing board. The fancy robes that they speak of, didn't feel very fancy, but rather coarse and stiff, maybe they should try a little fabric softener. Also note that if you ever go in the summer and there is a heat wave, above 70 for Anchorage, there is no AC, only heat. I doubt this will be important, although I was in London during a heat wave and was glad i found a place with somewhat of an AC.

We did get a chance to peak into one of ther junior suites just down the hall, and noticed it was almost exactly the same, similar in style and furnishings. The main differnces were that the bed was in a smaller seperate room, and it had a small sitting area with a small sofa and sofa type chair, along with a coffee table. Since I was with with my wife we did just fine buy choosing the smaller room, because we weren't there to spend a lot of time sitting in the room, or having guests over.

The bathroom was nothing special at all, very normal to any other well maintained hotel with no extra features at all. The lighting was not very good at all, it contained only one light, which was a single fluorescent bulb hidden behind a fancy light fixture, not excactly what you expect for a four star, no vent or heater. I was also disappointed to find out that the hotel did not offer any spa-type bath tubs, although it problably does for the very expensive suites. The supplied towels were pretty awful, very coarse, we eventually had to go out and purchase our own wash cloths, since theirs were like sandpaper.

The rooms were serviced twice daily by the maids, and ice gets delivered in the evening when the come to turn down your bed. There was always nice about picking up after us, but not bothering our things too much.

The best part of the hotel is definatley the service and the staff. We arrived in our rental car and pulled into the hotel entrance, were quickly greated by a very friendly, classically dressed doorman. Once we were unloaded we found out that you have to pay a daily fee to park, either $18 for the valet service or $12 for the self park located a block over, I am not the most experienced traveler, but that was a little annoying. Being the cheap guy i am I decided i could handle the parking and began my ritual of dropping my wife at the door and then parking the car, until the third day when i gave in and let the valet handle it, that was definately worth the $6 extra, plus tip every time. Once the car was brought to the front they staff was always helped you with anything you needed, like recommendations, suggestions, or directions. I got to know the main doorman, Dave, and enjoyed his friendly company and helpful service. Unlike other hotels, every person on the staff was always willing to help you, as if you were the only guest.

The charge for parking was just the beginning for charges though, nothing was complimentary at all. There was no continental breakfast, no complimentary coffee in the room, or the lobby, I felt this was a little odd. But if you do pay more for the Captains deck rooms, apparently you get all this. I definatly suggest you do upgrade, especially if you have a car. The stay was a gift from a family member, and so i didn't have the opportunity to upgrade. The upgrade price is actually about $15, which is only $3 more than the cost self parking which is included in the Captains Deck room packages. Also the computers supplied charge a fee of $2 per 15 minutes, and the web TV in the room came at a pretty hefty price as well, so i never tried it out.

We had dinner at the four-diamond Crow's Nest at the top of one of the towers. We had an incredible view of the city, and that was about the only good thing up there. Food was very dull and EXTREMELY over priced for what you get. I suggest you just go up and have a drink at the bar and enjoy the view, then go to either the Pantry in the lobby, or Flechers. The food in these two restaurants was great, and very reasonably priced, almost the best prices in town. But if you still want upscale restaurant dining go to one of the local places for better food at half the price of the Crows Nest, like Orso's. There are also many good local places near by, since the hotel is in the upper downtown area, just ask Dave and he can help.

Best part of the hotel was the room service, which was awesome and was available 24 hours a day. Everything we had was excellent. The menu was mainly the same food as the Pantry, and Fletchers, but with a 20% service charge added on. It was very nice to have available, especially if you just want a glass of wine or a beer before bed, whatever time that may be.

So, if you want to be well taken care of, and are tired of staying in a hotel which way also contain the staff of a traveling circus, I definatly recommend this hotel. But if you are on a smaller budget, try somewhere else, because the good stuff here will come at a price.

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