Service not up to par A review of The Westin Minneapolis

I am a Starwood Platinum member so I've been to plenty of Westins. On the surface, a nice hotel-- standard westin rooms, very solid workout room with free gatorade drinks available to those who work out. However, this hotel was severely lacking in the details, particularly service. First off, there were a few towels with toothpaste stains on them when I arrived. Not good.

The valet wait to pick up your car is agonizingly long. I was told 15 minutes, so I allowed ample time before I arrived to pick up the car. I waited another 10 minutes on top of the 15. They need to work to speed this up.

Most irritatingly, early in my stay, on July 13th, I informed a front desk attendant that I would be possibly checking out a day early. He said that as a platinum member, there would be no problem, no charge, as long as I let them know. Five hours later, I informed the front desk that I would be in fact leaving early. He said I would be charged $100. I told him I was informed earlier that there would be no charge, and he went and talked to "someone in the back room." After waiting for a few minutes, he said there was nothing to be done-- I would owe $100. I wasn't in the mood to argue, and in the end, perhaps this was hotel policy, but why was I promised earlier that this would not be a problem? The earlier attendent should have put a note in my file on the computer.

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