Service not so great for the price A review of Keystone Lodge & Spa

We are from the Denver area and just spent a Saturday night at the Keystone lodge. The room (1 King) was very large and comfortable, nice furniture and soft bed. The indoor hot tub area was very crowded in the afternoon and the hot tub wasn't very hot, more like a "warm tub". My biggest complaint was with the maid service and the front desk. My husband and I brought an expensive bottle of wine to enjoy in our room and brought our pricey Riedel wine glasses to drink from. I had wrapped them in bubble wrap and placed them in a shopping bag. We drank some wine before leaving for dinner, and upon our return the housecleaning staff had thrown out my shopping bag with the bubble wrap. The maids have no business throwing out a shopping bag, especially when there is something in it. What if I'd just purchased something small but breakable and it was in the bag? Did the maid go through the bubble wrap? I cannot stand the thought of a stranger going through my things. The next morning I went to the front desk to explain the situation and request something with which I could wrap up my glasses to bring them home. They didn't have anything and did not make an effort to get me anything. They suggested I go outside around the corner (in 15 degree blowing snow) to a gift shop and ask if they could give me some packaging. For a hotel that thinks so highly of itself, they certainly don't seem to think much of their guests.

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