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I feel the same as the last reviewer. The staff needs training.

Valet parking damaged my car. The mini-fridge smelled like there was a dead mouse in it. I kept getting wake-up calls when not requested - and they were very early.

A report was written up immediately for the car,thanks to Dan.

They did have the nerve to charge me for the parking but I did tell them to remove those charges.

As for the smell, someone sprayed and that did not help. After explaining my problem to several people and waiting several hours I finally sent the big guns down to the desk - my husband.

Thank goodness for James, a bellman. He was the ONLY ONE who seemed to know who, what, where and when. He moved us to another room and he was the only one to apologize for everything.

It is a nice new hotel but I think the rooms are quite small.

Maybe, just maybe, I would try it again in a few years.

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