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We stayed at this hotel on two nights during a trip we made to Alaska in 2000. After returning from one of our tours late in the evening we slept late and left for breakfast at about 11:00am the following day. On our return after about 1-1/2 hours, we discovered that both a video camera and a 35MM camera were missing from our room. It was determined that our room was entered with a hotel pass room key on three occasions while we were gone. The worst part was not the loss of the cameras but the pictures tape and film that were in the cameras. We lost what I feel were some great memories of Alaska. To this day, I can not understand why the Marriott hotel failed to question the employees on duty at this time and make every effort to recover our valuable memories. Yes, they did send to us some books in order to compensate for our loss but in my opinion, it failed to satisfy me.

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Anchorage Marriott Downtown
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