Secure Hotel, not close to anything a tourist would be interested in A review of Hilton Morumbi Sao Paulo

Being my first trip to Brazil, I decided to play it safe and stay at the Hilton in Sao Paulo.

Flat rate taxi fare of $107R each way is very good value considering the traffic of Sao Paulo.

After a mis-understanding on check in that they pre-approve your credit card for $1000R on top of the room rate (you can request a lower approval rate at the front desk) everything just hummed along.

Room was spotless, great view, and the hotel is very secure, with 24 hour security driving motor scooters around the property. All guests to your room must sign in at reception.

This hotel is more suited for people doing business in Sao Paulo, not for the tourist. The local area is a mix of big business compounds, to shack towns surrounding it. Many of the Brazilian population live under the poverty line, but reports of high crime can be avoided if you dress down and don't act like a tourist.

The Morumbi Shopping Area is about a 20min walk from the hotel, only opens at 10am, and seems to be the only place for trusted food, unless you are willing to try the local restaurants which seem to be busy during business lunch hours with office workers. The Hilton does offer breakfast and dinner, but not cheap. The bottle of water in the bathroom, they were asking $12R for, where as I bought 3 bottles for less than $6R at a news stand.

Locals do not like you taking pictures, I had my photos deleted by a security guard, the ones I manged to save, I was just told not take pictures, nor do you want to show your camera out in the public anyway. If you have a cheap $2 plastic watch wear it, or don't wear a watch at all, if you are walking out of the block area.

My March Sao Paulo Hilton area Photos are at : there are only 4 not withing the local area of the hotel. (Mod, you can remove this if it's against the T&C, sorry)

Would I stay here again, no, not unless I was doing Business in Sao Paulo, for the Tourist, I would look at the F1 Hotel, which seems to be closer downtown.

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