Secluded? I don't think so... A review of Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Here's the thing, I'm a born and bred Texan so I will admit that every now and then a little exaggeration may fall from the lips of one of my fellow Texans - This must be the case with the phrase touted in the Barton Creek brochure and on their website, "the ultimate in a relaxing getaway nestled in 4,000 secluded acres of rolling hills". Yes, it's nestled, and yes, there are rolling hills, but secluded? I don't think so.

Pictures on the website show the Resort either FROM the view of the golf course or looking TO the view of the golf course giving the Resort a secluded LOOK. Folks, this is just not the case. Courtesy of Austin's population explosion, housing additions line the road leading to the Resort - granted they are multi-million dollar digs, but I was expecting the countryside. From the tiny balcony in our room, the view was pretty, but I was looking at lots of homes dotting those rolling hills. If I wanted to stay in a hotel IN A CROWDED CITY, I would have remained in Houston and stayed at the Houstionian. And that is my major beef with the Resort - the exaggeration of a "relaxing getaway nestled in 4000 secluded acres of rolling hills". They should tell it like it is!

That said, there were a few good things about the Resort. Our room was large and beautiful. The food and service in the main dining room was excellent and the staff at the Resort were helpful and friendly. The exception was the valet parking boys - Upon leaving I came outside to our waiting vehicle with my hands full and not one of the three guys standing there even made a move to open my passenger side door.

The Resort in general struck me as a bunch of hallways with little open areas stuck here and there. No big pretty lobby - just a small one with a lobby hallway that looked toward the golf course. Amazingly, a huge metal roofed pavilion obscured the view. You travel down long interior hallways to get to the rooms, spa area, pool, dining and meeting rooms. Nothing to write home about as far as decor. Although the Resort was crowded with wedding receptions and Christmas parties, it was at least relatively quiet.

All in all, if you want to stay at a nice hotel on the outskirts of Austin that has a spa and golf course, this would be a good choice. Just don't expect wide open spaces.

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