Sandblasted and windswept A review of Riu Garopa

Just got back from 2 weeks at the Garopa and thought I'd share some of our comments.

Firstly on the whole the resort is of a good standard and has good facilities and a wide choice of food. The rooms were clean and pleasant. The beach is gorgeous, white sand and blue sea

The spa facilities were great

BUT .......

Everything was expensive!

It was VERY windy. VERY VERY windy. Sunbathing on the beach was really only possible if you made a windbreak out of the loungers and if you made the mistake of applying suncream while lying there the flying sand stuck firm giving you a rather interesting texture to your tan.

The sea was lovely but the currents can be very very strong. My husband and I are both very strong swimmers but a couple of times the waves and undertow meant we were in danger of being swept out to sea. Other days it wasn't so bad but it does go deep very quickly - beware if you have young kiddies.

Not much to see wildlife wise in the sea or on land unless you count the hotel cats!

There isn't much to see or do on Sal although the hotel does have an 'animation team' - we weren't that impressed. Santa Maria town is okay - but we couldn't get a trip to any of the other islands which was disappointing and after seeing lots of sand dunes on the quad tour we were rather stir-crazy.

On the whole - nice for a week of sunshine not far from home but don't expect too much - particularly from Sal which is basically just a sand bar ... and don't go for the shopping - its expensive!

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