Sand Fleas! A review of Sandals Emerald Bay

The Great Exuma resort is not what I would expect from a Four Seasons.

I just got back from a six day trip there, and I don't think I'll be going back.

First, I enjoyed the beach very much the first day. The water was cold, but was very beautiful to look at. The first night, however, I awoke with many insect bites on my ankles and legs. I must have been allergic, because these bites were very uncomfortable and caused itching and swelling. I went to the gift shop for cortizone, and the sales clerk knew of the problem. After asking aroud, it was clear that the resort is aware of the problem. I just wish I had been warned.

The food was average, and the choice was limited. The fact that the resort's flagship restaurant is Italian should be somewhat of a red flag. I would have expected more of a seafood emphasis. Instead, what I got was food that could have just as easily been served at Disney. The food at Disney isn't bad, but it isn't anything special. The breakfast buffet was quite limited, especially in comparison to other Ritz Carltons and Four Seasons I've stayed at in the past. Also, they are still working out the smooth operation of the restaurants. There are ample people there to do the work. The problem is that the guests are everyone's responsibility, and they are no one's responsibilty. By that I mean the service alternates between having six people ask for your drink order to having everyone ignore you because they assume someone else is taking care of you.

I was surprised at the lack of amenities. When I go on vacation, it's nice to have little extras. I like snacks to munch on, and many nice hotels provide complimentary treats throughout the day. Not here. Even the customary chocolate at turn down was absent. Additionally, since the Four Seasons is the ONLY thing around, the choice is either spend $20 on a coke and some peanuts or wait for until dinner.

I have noticed some other posts on here mentioning that their final bill contained errors. Mine was no different. There was $250 worth of other people's meals on my bill. I pointed out that I generally didn't have two dinners, lunches, or breakfasts a day, but the staff appeared suspicious of me anyway.

I thought the architecture of buildings could have been a left over Disney design. The buildings were pink, yellow, and blue. Although the materials in the room were high-end, the decorations were spare. The main building, though, was very nice.

All in all, I probably won't go back. I was expecting a lot for the price and from the Four Seasons, but didn't feel like I got my money's worth and don't feel that this resort (at this time) lives up to the Four Season's reputation.

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