Safe and clean enough for a woman alone A review of Seton Hotel

I was woman alone and it was my first time. I don't think I have to explain all the implications of that. At the Seton I found a place of safety and because I stayed long enough, I figured out how to get the best out of the deal.

The guy at the door WILL negotiate the roomrate with you. If you ask him for a good room and if you may look first he will give you more than one key and you can go choose. Thats what he did for me and I did not have to kick up a fuss either.

They wont clean the rooms automaticaly, but if you ask every day they will do it everyday and replace your towels.

The hotel is old and may give a fusspot the feeling of less cleanliness, but i watched those ladies clean those passages and rooms everyday and never saw anything that could not just be cald old as opposed to dirty.

The bathrooms were great. I was always up early, so i got the best of it....who knows what other dirtbags would do to it later in the day....

They took messages for me and when people called. Its not glamorous. It is quite tatty actualy but the door is guarded very well and only geusts are allowed in.

I loved it and would advise other non fussy people to go there.

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