Rundown MOTEL on ocean. Needs an update. A review of Cliff House Inn on the Ocean

I received a stay here as a gift. If given the choice, I would NEVER stay here. I will try to describe as much as possible, the good and bad.

Good -

-The view is beautiful.

-The sound of the waves crashing is so wonderful.

-They have free Internet access through ethernet cable. If you don't bring your own cable, they will loan you one.

Bad - (This list will be longer)

- Access is horrible. You have to cross the 101 Freeway to get in and out. So, you must time your comings and goings according to traffic.

- The rooms are REALLY rundown. This INN is really only a really old Motel 6 on a cliff with beautiful views.

- You have to drive to get to everything. Santa Barbara is a significant drive away. PLUS, to get to Santa Barbara you must cross both North & Southbound 101 Freeway. Therefore, we opted to go South for everything. The first exit with a cup of coffee was 11 miles away.

-The rooms are really old, outdated, and just gross. We were originally in room 8, but it had a horrible stench, so we moved to room 5. It only had a shower stall. We asked about a room with a bathtub, but none were available (although it seemed like we were the only people there). The room did not have any luxuries. It did not have a COFFEEMAKER, a blow dryer, or a tub. Just very basic and rundown. The furniture is very old and the decor is just plain depressing.

- The staff had a lot to be desired.

All in all, I hated this place. It is overpriced, rundown, and in desperate need of a renovation. I would never reccomend it to anyone.

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