Ruined New Year's Eve A review of Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins

After spending many months researching the best place to bring in the New Year for a group of 4 families, we decided on Greer Lodge and Spa. Beautiful pictures and descriptions of a family friendly New Year's Eve sold us on the place. Unfortunately, the true picture wasn't place on their website.

I will start with the cabins. We all rented one of their rustic cabins, which was formally Big Ten Cabins. They are very old and small and they all had very dirty carpet but overall the beds were fine and served our purpose. One thing that was not mentioned when we made our reservations was that not all cabins have a TV, while others have Direct TV. Unfortunately, the one cabin without TV was the cabin with an older couple that just wanted to watch football while everyone else went skiing.

Now the worst part....the restaurant. When we made our reservations and again when we checked in we asked if there was going to be a kid's menu for the New Year's Eve dinner, and both times we were told that there would be one. Only to discover when we arrive for our 7:00 reservation that "No, there was not a children's menu." There were only 5 entrees and they started at $28.00. Of course, since Greer is a very small town, we had no choice but to stay. Well, we should have run when we could. From the minute we started ordering we were told they were running low on their entrees. (Mind you, this was a 7:00 reservation...NOT late!) Our first course was soup, which was suppose to be Lobster BIsque, but ended up being Cream of Mushroom soup because they had already run out of Lobster BIsque. (Our waitress told us many times that we had Lobster Bisque and they just cook it different. Yeah.) Next were the salads...which they didn't ruin. Now our entrees, oh my gosh, the prime rib ($38) all came to our table as a raw, thin, fatty piece of meat. (The general manager couldn't even recognize what it was!) The beef wellington ($48) had dough around it....not a "flaky crust". The only edible meal was the salmon, which we had the last of, and the chicken. Most of us didn't even eat dinner because all they would do is put the meat in the microwave to try and cook it. Finally, the general manager, who was busy fielding many more complaints for other tables, gave us a discount. This really didn't help when our New Year's dinner was ruined. (Oh..the final course, dessert, well, you guessed it, they ran out!)

I wouldn't expect this time of meal at Denny's much less a "quality" resort that charged very high prices.

So, if you are eating in Greer, go to Molly Butler's. We went there the night before and the service and food was WONDERFUL and reasonable in prices.

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