Rudeness beyond your wildest dreams! A review of La Boutique

Me and a friend had the pleasure of staying in Hotel BerBIN in January. The hotel is situated down an extremely grim side street whcih has an industrial criminal urban feel to it. We were greeted at reception but an exceptionally rude and unhelpful woman who looked at us like we had just asked her what came after A in the alphabet when we asked how to reach the metrostation. I would go as far to say that this woman was offensive and quite frankly p*ssed us off everytime we collected out key which put a downer on the whole hotel experience. Our room was extremely basic but very clean. The headboard to my bed and the TV remote were broken but everything else was in working order. The "mini bar" appeared to be a £20 fridge from argos with a couple of cans of Stella and a kitkat wacked in the corner of the room on the floor. The complimentry shampoo and hand soap came in a form reminiscent to that of a train stations toilet, a large dispensor screwed into the wall. On Thursday night we were woken up a number of times by the noisy brewry next door but also but racous shouting in the street (which went on for about an hour) and mysterious banging on our walls that were unrelated to the plant. Locationwise the hotel is a short walk from the metro and tram stop (which can get you anywhere). It is also near some pretty cool modern bars and reasonably priced cafes/restaurants.

It was clean, that is all I can say! Oh, and the other receoptionist was actually really nice and smiley and how a receptionist should be.

We still had a great hoilday and Prague is wonderful but I guess you wanna find that out for yourself hence your accomodation research (although alot of people are either rude or strange acting, one woman was eating an activa yoghurt out the pot with her tongue during one crowded metro trip, I think it was strawberry) ...well rule this Hotel WELL off your list. Rude, grim and noisy. Fabulous .

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