Rude employees A review of Ramada Inn Miami Airport North

This is a bad place to stay. The Days INN Miami North is worse, the the Ramada Inn in Hileah, FL is a contender. Don't bother with the shuttle during the day, pay for a cab if you insist on lodging here. The woman at the front desk had a serious attitude and worked on a housekeeping check list for 10 mins while I was standing in front of her at the desk waiting to check in. Don't bother being polite to them, you'll get your problems fixed by acting like them if there's any chance of correction at all? The room key didn't work, took two hours for the staff to fix it, had to go down to the front desk 4x just to get them to do something and was told basically to do as I was told and stand by my room. Housekeeping does speak Spanish so brush up on it if you're not familiar. I have no gripes about the Spanish as that's what it is there. Restaurant and bar staff are pretty rude, they include the gratuity on the ticket of 15%, trust me that no more is deserved as 15% is pushin it. I would not vacation here and just stay if I were passing through. Don't expect much though and don't worry about tips, they don't work for it at this place so keep your cash for polite workers.

There may be other places around the airport to stay that actually meet quality standards, probably not less than $100 per night though.

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