Rotting fish head A review of Plantation on Crystal River

My extended Florida family organized a reunion around a wedding vow renewal ceremony at the Plantation Inn and Golf Resort in Crystal River/Homosassa Springs, Florida. "Find another place," is our thirty-member consensus. During the weekend event our accommodations, some 12 rooms in total, were regularly ignored by housekeeping. I became too familiar with the service entrance while taking out the garbage. PIGR is a poor choice for families with young children, or dads who want to get away from household chores.

Catering was awful. The prepared sample platters were rote, unimaginative and poor quality. In the restaurant, the wait staff and management were incompetent, indifferent and rude. Staff arguing in front of guests ruins experience, mood, and appetite.

It occurs to me now that The Plantation Inn and Golf Resort in Crystal River, Florida hires people who have neither traveled, nor have a clue how even a third-rate establishment treats its guests. They show up with one eye on the clock and the other on their cellphones. I have seen seasonal college temps try harder than these pretenders. As the old cliche goes, "a fish rots from the head."

Plantation Inn and Golf Resort at Crystal River's (Homosassa Springs as we locals call it) unprofessionalism unfortunately seems to start at top and

s(t)inks to the bottom. Just two examples of the upper management's lack of attention include: several rooms were separated by a dangerous highway. The half mile hike on a sidewalkless rural roadway (no transportation offered even to mothers with strollers while the staff zips around you in golf carts) made spontaneous family visting an unreasonable risk. "Surprise" is a dirty travel trick. If we didn't matter to them, you can bet your bait you won't either.

Secondly, at check out when I voiced my dissatisfaction about the prior night's wall frame rattling fist fight and spectacular profanity in the adjacent room that not only woke us up, it terrified my wife and kids, the desk manager admonished me for not calling the police, rather relying on the in-house I would have been charged for the call. Where was TripAdvisor when my family need it?

As a native Floridian who first fished Crystal River thirty-five years ago, NEVER will I consider or recommend The Plantation Inn and Golf Resort in Crystal River (Homosassa Springs), Florida.

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