Rooms are great but watch out for the lifts A review of Hotel Tahiti Nui

This is a comfortable hotel. Our double room has a balcony overlooking the street and the furniture and bed are very comfortable. The bathroom is spacious and well appointed. It is also situated with short walking distance of the waterfront and the ferry to Moorea albeit on a very noisy main street. However, there are a few things which detract from its appeal. At night the corridors are very dark with minimal lighting making it dangerous as there are raised walkways. The lift is also lethal. On the first night we arrived, one of the lifts was out of order and though it was supposedly fixed the next day a goup of our friends were in the lift when it fell 2 floors from Reception to the car park beneath. They said the emergency communication wasn't working and they were lucky someone came along quickly to discover them. The other lift's door closes so quickly I have been caught several times and it hurts. It is a wonder noone has been injured by it. From others comments the main restaurant has good food but it is very expensive and has very small portions. We tried the buffet breakfast the first day and it was awful. Stale cornflakes, some patisseries and cold coffee. We did not return
Reviewed by Jun 5, 2013
Hotel Tahiti Nui
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