River Palms A review of River Palms Resort Casino

In July 2003 we had the pleasure of staying at the River Palms Hotel. What an excellent place. All the staff was extremely friendly. It is service like this that will ensure we stay with them again.The comps were excellent, (make sure to swipe your card for extra points on Tuesday and free give always on Thursday). But check with the comp desk as when you are having as much fun as we did the days all seem the same.Also take in the 99-cent breakfast. What a way to start the day. The also have many food deals, from pasta to prime rib; to all you can eat chicken, ribs, etc.While playing the machines we had no problems receiving a cocktail. To be honest they were coming quicker then I could drink them!!!Take in the Comedy and Magic of Berri Lee. It's a free show and he had us laughing very hard. Even the next day relaxing by the pool, we were still laughing.The pool is also very nice. Clean, relaxing, and just the right temperature. Plus the poolside bar has great deals and extremely friendly staff.The laser light show was cool, and the band by the pool Friday, Saturday nights was also coolI guess the only negative, is we didn't leave with their money, not to say the machines were tight, as we did cash out our fare share, however we did give it back, but hey thats why the call it gambling!I highly recommend River Palms, great deals, great price and wonderful time!!! I look forward to going back and visiting my money one day soon!!!

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