Ripped Off A review of Days Inn Oceanfront Hotel

Would never stay there again! We were quoted certain price's for our room.

And then when we got there they were different. We had reserved two rooms one for my husband and I and the other for friend's. Tried to call and cancel one room because our friend's couldn't go. They needed 72 hrs. notice, which by the way was fine. So I called on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday also but they said their computer was done and couldn't do it,but not too worry we wouldn't be charged for that room. So that was fine. When we got there they had taken it upon them selve's to charge two room deposit's to our credit card for the first two night's of our stay instead od canceling the one room like we requested. But the real big deal was when the girl behind the desk said you owe us $596.10 for the remaining 3 nights that we planned to stay. Well we paid the amount and while we were unpacking our suitcase's and everything else I thought how can we have owed that much for 3 night's when we were quoted $104.00 a night for Wed. Thurs. and Sun. and $114.00 a night for Fri. and Sat. And need I remind you we had already had 2 deposits of $114.00 put on our credit card for reserving two room's of which I had called ahead to cancel the one. So now I go back to the lobby and the girl was nice enough to refund $130.80. After I explained to her we should have only been charged for 3 more nights. Which she should have known that from the start. But then you figure, we still were ripped off because 2 nights on our credit card of $114.00 a night is what $228.00 and 3 nights sure couldn't have been $596.10. So are total was $824.10 for 5 night's stay and they refunded a $130.80 but really they owe us more. And naturally we paid with cash and they told us that we didn't pay that amount. It doesn't take a really smart person to figure we were just plain ripped off wouldn't want to be in their shoe's trying to get a good night sleep knowing I have to make a living by ripping people off!!!!!!!!!! Will never recomend anyone to stay there!

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