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The Adventurer Hotel is advertised, indeed, featured at the website as a family oriented hotel that provides you with a suite for less than what you would pay at other hotels for a single room. The hotel also advertises that it has a swimming pool and a refrigerator in every room. In actuality and for no apparent reason, the swimming pool is not open and there was no refrigerator in the room in which I stayed with my son. There is loud music that doesn't stop until midnight, and the last night when I was there, a fight broke out and the police were called at about 3:00 am in the morning. The police indicated that this was not an uncommon occurrence at the Adventurer. While some efforts have been made to refurbish the old place, the rooms are clearly showing their age. The rooms do have phones, but guests are required to leave a $10 deposit in order to have the phone turned on. One of the worst things about my stay was that the cost of my stay had been deducted from my account before I arrived, which meant that I would not be able to easily transfer to another hotel. Yes, I could have paid double, but I shouldn't have been placed in that position. The hotel should definitely not be featured on any family travel website. I was very disappointed. In addition to not being particularly friendly, the staff was not particularly competent. While fully payment had already been deducted, the receptionist initially said that he had no record of my reservation and wanted to know my confirmation number which had, for reasons I cannot explain, not been included on the reservation printout that I had been given. I reiterate that I was very disappointed.

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