Restaurant deserves 6 stars! A review of Skytop Lodge

I visited Skytop Lodge for Valentine's Day for dinner and I did not stay overnight, I just went there for dinner. I was blown away by the drive up to the Main Lodge, which is like a castle set in the Pocono Mountains. The main lobby was, however, I bit disappointing. I expected something a bit more grand for the lobby with high ceilings or something, but it was just a very long, large room with tons of furniture and families with children in it.

The place is definately upscale. The dining room was decorated nicely, and men wore jackets and women were dressed up as well. The service was BY FAR THE BEST I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! Several waitors served you, although I do have to complain a teeny bit by saying that receiving a seperate bill for our drinks and then a bill for our food was somewhat annoying... plenty of one-star restaurants figured out how to give you one bill for everything... I hope Skytop gets a clue soon! But in fairness, maybe for guests staying at the hotel, it just gets added to their room.

The food was very very good; and was worth the value. I think the 5-course meal for two of us was only around $100! Plenty of low-grade places charge more than that, especially on Valentine's Day.

I would love to come back here and stay a night.

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