Resort is great but service is lacking A review of Horseshoe Bay Resort Marriott

I just returned from a weekend trip to the Horseshoe Bay Resort Marriott and have to say I found many of the same problems in other reviews to be true. The property itself is very beautiful and the location is great. The thing I was most disappointed with was the service. We left the hotel for a day of sightseeing at 8am. When we returned to the hotel at 3:30pm, housekeeping was just getting ready to clean our room. We asked if we could have just a couple of minutes to change into our swimsuits and we would be out of her way to clean the room. After 2 hours at the pool we went upstairs only to find our room still hadn't been cleaned. It was only after a call to the "At Your Service" line that our room was cleaned but the coffee bar was never replenished or cleaned. We just went downstairs to the lobby market and got a Starbuck's. The other issue with service was at the pool. It was very busy that day and the pool bar was hopping. There was a bartender, chef and a porter at the bar. For some reason the porter never came out to pick up any trash around the pool which meant there were cups and food trays everywhere. It looked really bad.

One thing that's confusing and deceptive about this property is that many of its amenities are not actually on the hotel property but are actually at the yacht club next door. As a guest you are given full access to the yacht club which is very nice but this isn't explained on the Marriott website and the person that checked us in didn't explain it either. He just handed us a map and sent us on our way.

I have to give kudos to the concierge, Natalie, as she was very attentive and knowledgeable in helping us make dinner reservations at a restaurant in Marble Falls. We ate at Patton's on Main where the service was average but the food was outstanding!!!

I was taking advantage of a discounted rate at the hotel and I have to say if I was paying rack rate I would have been a lot more upset with my experience than I was. Marriott needs to take a good look at this property and read some of these reviews as they have a great property but it needs some work.

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