Renovated, but walls are too thin! A review of Mammoth Mountain Inn

I got what I thought was a screaming deal at the Mammoth Mountain Inn - $77.50 per person for lift ticket and one night stay for late January prime time skiing. I had heard that most rooms were recently renovated. I found out that had assigned me into a non-renovated room, but they agreed to move me to a renovated room at no charge. My wife and I were there for 4 nights, so we also had 4 days of skiing. Unfortunately we couldn't ski the day of arrival even though the sales guy told me we had a 4 ot of 5 day pass, so we only got to ski 3 days since we had to leave first thing in the morning at checkout. When we first got to the room (Yoddler Haus building of MMI) we noticed our room was extremely small - maybe 10' x 10'. The decor was pretty nice - looked like new furniture, drapes, wallpaper, etc. The bathroom, on the other hand, did not look renovated. Iy was pretty out of date and not the cleanest. In fact, my wife was ****** off when she opened the toilet lid and saw how filthy it was. She insisted I call room service to have someone come and scrub the toilet. I decided to just get some TP and do it myself but soon realized the toilet had "permananent" stains on the ceramic. It was obvious they didn't replace the original toilets in the renovation. On top of that, it took about three flushes to get anything down the thing. That was very frustrating because it takes a long time to fill the tank back up. The pillows on the bed seemed like they may be feather or something, but there was not much in it so it was extremely flat and uncomofrtable. My wife got the third pillow and doubled two up and was okay. For me, sleeping was pure torture. The worst thing about the hotel is the extremely thin walls. I was on the bottom floor and I could hear every step from the people staying above us. The floor was extremely squeaky and I could visually watch the people upstairs walk from one side of the room to the other by listening to their footsteps. I could even hear our next door neighbbors open and shut their dresser doors, go to the bathroom, take a shower, etc. And just imagine the skiiers walking down the hallways in their ski boots! My wife and I tried to take a nap one day and I felt like Mel Gibson in that movie "Signs" when all those aliens were banging on the doors, walls and ceiling trying to get in to their house. It was seriously that loud!By the way, the location for Inn is a little far from town, but it is great for skiing/boarding. It is right next to the lifts and there are a few places were you can walk to eat. There is also a shuttle that takes you around town in case you get snowed in or just don't want to drive.In short, the renovated rooms were very small, but fairly clean and decorated nicely (except for the dirty bathrooms). The biggest thing that won't bring me back is the extremely thin walls. It was just too loud to get any sleep. With the noise and the crappy pillows, I seriously only slept about 4 hours a night.

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