Renamed "La Boutique Hotel" - still noisy A review of La Boutique

The hotel has been refurbished on the inside, and apparently also has been given a new name, namely "La Boutique Hotel Prague" - but the sign outside still says "Hotel Berlin" (or rather "Hotel Berli", with an "n" missing).

All in all, I must say it is not as bad as the reviews suggest (which I was only able to read afterwards due to the phony name change).

We were there on the first night (!) after they reopened and the staff was exceedingly friendly and helpful, maybe trying to make up for the bad reputation? They said we could drink everything in the minibar for free as a compensation for the hotel not yet being up to standard.

There was no room service, no restaurant, the TV was not working (not hooked up yet), and no real other amenities, either. We got a clean room with a bed, and an OK, average, breakfast.

The room was actually very nice and clean, with good quality furniture and a nice, stylish bathroom (no toiletry provided, though).

Otherwise: It is still next to Staropramen Brewery which actually does operate all night (even on Sunday early mornings!)! If you are bothered by noise, do NOT come here, as it is quite loud., with trucks arriving day and night and a constant noise of bottles scurrying around on conveyor belts. I can sleep at almost any noise level, so it did not bother me, but other people might have trouble getting to sleep.

All in all, not worth the prize.

And, again: BEWARE! This is the infamous Hotel Berlin, even though it has been renamed to "La Boutique", so look out when booking via an online service.

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